Liver Essence 30 Capsules


If you want to give your liver all it needs to be as healthy and vibrant as possible, Liver Essence ™ simply must be your choice – supporting the liver from both modern and holistic medical points of view.

The liver is the largest organ in the body and it is involved in over 500 functions. Among the most important of these is removing toxins from the body. If this is not done effectively, these toxins accumulate, and ultimately lead to serious disease.

In holistic medicine, the liver is thought to control the flow of energy in the body and store blood. Poor energy flow leads to muscular tension, poor circulation, headaches, cold hands and feet, menstrual issues, and so on. The Liver System nourishes the tendons and ligaments, so stiffness, pain and reduced mobility may accompany poor liver function. It is common for such stiffness and pain to be confused with joint problems.

A weakened Liver System can also cause blurred vision, dry eyes and glaucoma. Other issues include reduced sexual interest, soft, thin, brittle, pale, dull and/or ridged nails, and a heightened risk for fungal infections.

The modern world, with its endless supply of synthetic poisons, makes life very hard for the liver. Being constantly bombarded by these poisons can cause liver cells to age at accelerated rates. Hepatitis viruses, alcohol consumption and both prescription and recreational drugs accelerate the liver’s aging process still further. Fortunately, the liver can regenerate, but it needs truly powerful nutrition to do so.

Every health enthusiast knows that milk thistle is extremely liver supportive but there are vast differences between milk thistle supplements.

Milk thistle supports the liver via flavones that are collectively called “silymarin.” The most effective of these flavones is silybin. The problem with these flavones is that they are very poorly absorbed. However, absorption and delivery to liver cells increase by 800% when silybin is actively bound to phospholipids. LiverEssence™ provides 150 mg of Siliphos® in each day’s use. This provides 50 mg of pure silybin bound to 100 mg of phospholipids. Getting as much silybin to your liver cells would require more than 1200 mg of typical milk thistle preparations, and cost three times more.*

Like milk thistle, artichoke and bupleurum increase L-Glutathione levels in the liver. N-Acetyl Cysteine is the most effective L-Glutathione building block, and Alpha Lipoic Acid regenerates L-Glutathione, so that each L-Glutathione molecule can do the work of many. No other liver support system enhances L-Glutathione levels in all these ways.*

By helping relieve liver blockages, and through its cooling nature, the bupleurum and dong quai combination addresses the issues that holistic health systems identify as liver blockage and congestion.*

LiverEssence™ is the only liver support system we know of that addresses liver health from both modern and holistic health perspectives.






N-Acetyl-Cysteine Ingredient
The most effective L-Glutathione building block. L-Glutathione is perhaps the most important weapon in the liver’s detoxification arsenal.*
Artichoke Ingredient
Research has shown that artichoke hinders the reproduction of liver cancer cells, protects against general liver toxins, decreases levels of bad fats and cholesterol in the liver, and promotes the free flow of bile.*
Milk Thistle Ingredient
Extremely liver supportive, it supports the liver through flavones that are collectively called “silymarin.” The most effective of these flavones is silybin.*
Alpha Lipoic Acid Ingredient
Extremely important in energy production. Without it, your cells cannot make ATP. It also regenerates L-Glutathione.*
Schizandra Ingredient
One of the most profound herbal substances on earth. It helps cleanse the liver without the potential side effects of harsh, medicinal herbs.*


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Suggested Use

Two capsules once daily.