Beyond Longevity


Beyond Longevity: A Proven Plan for Healing Faster, Feeling Better, and Thriving at Any Age by Jason Prall

Features new science that updates the "blue zones" secrets to healthy, happy longevity with a flexible, holistic approach that incorporates epigenetics, nutrition, and mental health.
Through his documentary film series, The Human Longevity Project, Jason Prall traveled to select regions around the world known for their long-lived, healthy populations. He sought to understand not only the longevity secrets of these societies but also the scientific basis underpinning their health wisdom. Through his travels, he came to the realization that while the pursuit of longevity is sexy, it’s insufficient and hollow—what most of us really want is an extended life filled with vibrant health, meaning, and purpose. We want to thrive as we age.

This book combines his own personal experiences with the knowledge and wisdom gained from interviewing more than 100 health experts and dozens of amazing elders from around the world. You’ll discover that when experiential wisdom is supported by the latest scientific research, a more integrated picture emerges of how you can most effectively increase your happiness, health, and longevity.

Life is a mysterious process with a natural development, order, and cycle. It is lent to us for a brief moment before the physical body is left behind. If we wish to thrive in the modern world, we must create a mental, emotional, physical, and energetic environment that is congruent with this natural life cycle.

The reality that humanity has created, filled with next-generation technologies and increasing comforts, presents both unique opportunities and novel challenges. We have the option to choose a more harmonious path that establishes greater coherence within ourselves, one another, and the environment. This is the amazing opportunity that lies before us. When we live from alignment, all life benefits.
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