Blessed Thistle


Blessed thistle herb, or cnicus benedictus, is one of the most useful natural herbs in the botanical apothecary. When you are looking for bulk herbs for sale, blessed thistle herb should be near the top of your shopping list for its many different potential applications.

Cnicus benedictus is actually an herb in the technical sense; although StarWest Botanicals, as one of the foremost bulk herbs suppliers on the Internet, makes it possible for one to buy organic bulk herbs of exceptional purity and high quality at reasonable prices, the fact is that many of what are called "dried herbs" are in fact powdered roots, bark, flowers and seeds and essential oils as well.

Blessed thistle herb however is among the many organic herbs we offer, being a perennial growing above the ground with a non-woody stem. Native to the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere, cnicus benedictus has been used for centuries to address a wide range of complaints.

A little bit of blessed thistle herb goes a long way. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid blessed thistle herb altogether; those who are taking blood thinners should consult their primary health care provider before taking any extract of cnicus benedictus.

Botanical Name: Cnicus benedictus

Common Names: Holy Thistle, Saint Benedict thistle, spotted thistle, bitter thistle, blessed cardus




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