Electro Boost 60 capsules


Electro-BOOST ™️ - Plant-based Electrolytes and Micronutrients

Electro-BOOST™️ provides a full-spectrum of electrolyte and micronutrient support in a capsule form. Electro-BOOST™️ is made from a powerful combination of naturally-occurring, plant based humic and fulvic complexes. Each capsule provides 70+ electrolytes, micronutrients, phytonutrients, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins.   

Fulvic complexes provides important transportation for nutrients into the cells and bio-waste and toxins out of the cells. They are particularly helpful for boosting energy and reduction of inflammation.

Humic complexes are the champion of antioxidants! They collect free radicals and bio-waste, bind with heavy metals and provide important detoxification support by carrying these unwanted elements out of the body.

Recommended Daily Amount:

1 capsule / day

60 capsules / bottle = 2 month supply