Electrolyze™️ - The Gold Standard for Electrolyte Replenishment

Electrolyze™️ offers maximum support for cellular nutrition and the replenishment of electrolytes in the body. With its unique ionized liquid format, Electrolyze™️ provides 100% bioavailable electrolytes and trace minerals which can be immediately utilized by the body. 

Electrolyze™️ is made from fulvic complexes, which are a naturally occurring result of ancient decomposed fresh-water plants. Fulvic complexes are flavonoids that provide important transportation for nutrients into cells and bio-waste and toxins out of cells. Fulvic complexes also naturally boost the metabolism and provide exceptional immune system support.

Electrolyze™️ has a pleasing golden hue, similar to a cup of tea, yet the flavor is surprisingly mild and tasteless. BEAM Minerals provides a great-taste guaranteed.

Recommended Daily Amount: 

1 fl oz / day

32 fl oz bottle = 1 month supply