Grills Gone Vegan


Light up the grill and ignite your creativity! With Grills Gone Vegan, you'll discover just how much vegan grilling has evolved. Fast, fun, easy and flexible, even a barbecuing amateur can instantly become a gourmet grill master with Tamasin Noye's flaming good recipes and expert tips. You'll be ready to turn any grilling experience into a smokin' hot event with her spectacular spice rubs and mouth-watering marinades. If you can't get enough of those complex, smoky flavors, you'll be able to grill to your heart's content with more than 125 unparalleled vegan recipes. There's something suitable for both outdoor or indoor grilling that's perfect for every palate.

Included is advice on purchasing the right type of grill (gas, charcoal, a grill pan, or an electric grill); instructions for grilling each recipe outdoors or indoors, for all-weather, year-round enjoyment; expert advice on the best grilling utensils, equipment, and techniques; and plan-ahead strategies and menus for weeknight grilled dinners in a flash.Grills Gone Vegan gives you all you need to get the party started.

192 Pages