Herb Pharm® Relaxing Sleep™


Promotes relaxation and restful sleep.**

Relaxing Sleep features Valerian prepared from the Certified Organic rhizome and root of Valeriana officinalis plants grown on our own farms in southern Oregon. It also features Passionflower prepared from the flowering herb (leaf, flower & stem) of Certified Organic Passiflora incarnata vines.
The herbs in this formula are individually extracted to provide a broad-spectrum of plant compounds. We assure herb identity via macroscopic and organoleptic analysis, then confirm it through methods such as HPTLC fingerprinting specific to each herb. The formula is easily dispensed, taken in liquid form and added to water or other liquid.


Certified organic extract blend: 637 mg 

Valerian rhizome with root (Valeriana officinalis)

  • Country of origin: USA

Passionflower flowering herb (Passiflora incarnata

  • Country of origin: USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, France

Hops strobile (Humulus lupulus)  

  • Country of origin: USA

Chamomile flower (Matricaria recutita)

  • Country of origin: USA

Catnip flowering herb (Nepeta cataria)

  • Country of origin: USA

    Other Ingredients

    certified organic cane alcohol (59-69%), distilled water and certified organic vegetable glycerin.

     Certified Organic 

     Fresh (undried) 

     Extraction rate 317 mg fresh herb & 56 mg dry herb per 0.7 ml.


    Suggested Use

    Shake Well Before Using

    Add 1 full squeeze of the dropper bulb to 2 oz. of water or juice, 1 hour before bed and again at bedtime. May be taken up to 4 times per day for general relaxation.* Best taken between meals.


    Keep Out of the Reach of Children

    Store away from heat & light

    * This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.